Your Winning Website Strategy

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Your web site is key to your online success. Your web site can be used to increase brand awareness, boost sales, generate leads, reduce costs, and many other things. Your web site may be helping you achieve specific goals for your business.

Are you measuring your goals if you have established them? People often ask us, “What are your objectives for your website?” The answers vary widely from “our website is supposed provide information about our company’s products” to “the site should effectively communicate our brand to our audiences.”

These are rarely the true objectives. They are the means to achieve one’s goals. In most cases, the objectives of a web site are to generate qualified leads or drive sales and revenue.

To build a winning strategy online, you must first identify your goals and then set objectives for your website to reach those goals. These are just two examples

Web site goal: Lead generation

1) Increasing the number of leads

2) Increasing the quality of your leads

These web site goals will help you identify the web site’s needs. If you want to increase your leads’ quality and quantity, your web site needs to be redesigned.

a) Attract qualified visitors through search engines

b) Highlight the benefits of your product/service

c) Educate prospects and visitors on smart buying decisions

d) Resolve any objections that your customers may have regarding your product

e) Get them to act and become a leader for your sales team.

Website Goal: To Drive Sales and Revenues
Your e-commerce website should have two main goals.

1. Increase your visitors’ interest in purchasing and shopping for your products

2. Encourage visitors to place larger orders

3. Encourage visitors to buy more and return often

These two examples show that setting goals and objectives for your website will help you plan your strategy for improving your results. Once you have established your goals and objectives, it is time to move on to the next step: increasing your website’s conversion rate.

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